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Laura Banks, A Salim Mehajer’s Reporter Slammed in Australia

Laura Banks is a TV reporter based in Australia. She gained notoriety when one of the renown political figures in Australia, Salim Mhajer, slammed her in front of millions of viewers during an interview.

The Background

Back in 2017, Laura Banks got the opportunity to interview one of the most talked-about people at that time in Australia, Salim Mehajer. During the interview, Salim Mehajer expressed dissatisfaction at how she was doing the interview. After a few back and forth, Salim Mehajer ended the interview abruptly.

Repercussion of her report

The repercussion of her report was felt deeply. She received both praise and criticism from the public. Those who praised her for her professionalism, despite it being challenging for a woman of her position. While on the other hand, other loathed her for it being seen as a sign of weakness and a lack of professionalism.

Regardless of the sentiment of the community, Laura Banks showed strong resolve and kept fighting despite the heat of the salacious drama that was around her at that time.


A New Opportunity

The incident only boosted her credibility and opened up a new path for her career. Currently, Laura Banks is an independent journalist in Australia. Her reports are well respected and worth seeking out.

We don’t know how her story would’ve been if the interview hadn’t happened. One thing for sure is that she has learned to use every experience as an opportunity to grow.


Laura Bank’s story is definitely inspirational. It serves as a reminder that opportunities can come out of the bleakest of events. It is worth noting that despite each of our situations, it is still possible to turn them around in our favor.

I hope you’ve stayed inspired by this story.

###### FAQ
Q1. Apakah Laura Banks masih aktif bekerja sebagai jurnalis independen di Australia?
A1. Ya, Laura Banks masih aktif bekerja sebagai jurnalis independen di Australia. Ia juga telah menjadi inspirasi bagi para jurnalis lain karena menekan situasi negatif menjadi kesempatan untuk tumbuh.

Q2. Apa yang menyebabkan Laura masalah besar dengan Salim Mehajer selama wawancara?
A2. Laura Banks berkesempatan wawancara Salim Mehajer pada tahun 2017. Selama wawancara, Salim Mehajer memperlihatkan ketidakpuasannya terhadap bagaimana Laura melakukan wawancaranya. Hal ini akhirnya menyebabkan Salim mengakhiri wawancara dengan tiba-tiba.

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